PONTIANAK – Some highlighted agendas in the BIMP-EAGA meeting are the re-opening of the land, air, and water route post-pandemic to support the trading and tourism; the optimization of food production potency in the EAGA areas to improve food resilience; and electrical energy integration and the collaboration of renewable energy development to encourage energy safety in the sub-regions.


Businessmen as the prime mover of BIMP-EAGA cooperation were encouraged to more participate in supporting economic integration in the area of EAGA.


“The private sector is the main encouragement of EAGA growth through job creation in the regions. However, the government have to connect the collaboration of G-to-B, so the relations of B-to-B can develop and the private sector can optimize its potential,” said the Deputy for Coordination of International Economic Cooperation, the Ministry of Economy, Mr. Edi Prio Pambudi as the Chair Senior Officials BIMP-EAGA, when lead the 30TH BIMP-EAGA Senior Officials Meeting (SOM), that was held in Pontianak, the Province of West Kalimantan.


He also appreciated the supporting from Asian Development Bank (ADB) and ASEAN Secretary for BIMP-EAGA through the capacity strengthening and other technical assistances.


Specifically, Mr. Edi also hoped that the supporting of these two partners can be directed in the future to strengthen the system and infrastructure managements in the regions. “It aims to encourage the creation of seamless connectivity and movement for trade supply chain,” he said.