PONTIANAK - Ministerial Meeting Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Philipine East Asian Growth Area (BIMP-EAGA) will be held in Pontianak from 22 to 25 November 2022. Provincial Government of West Kalimantan is preparing the greeting ceremony of state guests involving some of Cultural learning center (sanggar).

Regional Secretary of West Kalimantan Province, dr. Harisson, M.Kes. invited three cultural learning centers whereas Sanggar Andari, Sanggar Mandala, and Sanggar Warisan Budaya. They performed before the members of the technical readiness meeting at Balai Petitih, West Kalimantan Governor Office Hall, Tuesday (25/10/2022).

Sanggar Andari will perform welcome dance when the state guest is coming in West Kalimantan. Sanggar Mandala will perform a dance with the story about Pontianak’s girls weave the cloth of corak insang after school. Meanwhile, Sanggar Warisan Budaya will perform a dance of Ngepan Indu Iban, a dance about Dayak Iban’s girls.

Otherwise, Harisson also assure the other technical preparation for succeeded the 25th ministerial meeting of BIMP EAGA. “This is for preparing the 2022 BIMP EAGA meeting which is conducted from 23 to 26 November. We evaluate the various activities that will be carried out, in order to make the 2022 BIMP-EAGA meeting a success,” he said.

The exhibition and promotion of West Kalimantan's featured products will enliven the 25th Ministerial Meeting of BIMP-EAGA. There are ten participants who plan to take part in the exhibition, namely Dekranasda, MASATA Ecotourism, Kijing Commodity Terminal and PT. Pelindo, PT. Unicoco, West Kalimantan HIPMI, PT. Wilmar Cahaya Indonesia, PT. Indonesia Chemical Alumina, Bank Indonesia Incubator, PT. Borneo Swallow Lestari, and Steadfast Marine. (NM/DS)