PLN are Ready to Ensure the Success of 2022 BIMP-EAGA in West Kalimantan

PONTIANAK – Ministerial Meeting BIMP-EAGA 2022 is held on November 23-26 with West Kalimantan as the host.PLN of West Kalimantan Province made sure to sustain the electrical reliability during the holding of the 25th Ministerial Meeting of BIMP-EAGA 2022, the sub-regional economic organization of Brunei Darussalam-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines.  Senior Manager of West Kalimantan PLN UID, Muhammad Choliq Fadli, ensured PLN's readiness to maintain electrical reliability on the four......

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Delegates of the 25th BIMP EAGA Ministerial Meeting are Coming Today

PONTIANAK - The delegates of 25th BIMP EAGA Ministerial Meeting (Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippine East ASEAN Growth Area) have come today, Tuesday (11/22/2022). Regional Secretary of West Kalimantan Province, dr. Harisson, M.Kes. welcomed the VIP guests from the National Secretary of Philippine, Romeo Montenegro, who has arrived in the Regional Government of VIP Supadio Airport. The Regional Secretary of West Kalimantan Province, draped a scarf and put on a tanjak to the f......


The Delegates of The 25th BIMP-EAGA Ministerial Meeting are Scheduled to Conduct Virtual Mangrove Planting

PONTIANAK – The Delegates of The 25th BIMP-EAGA Ministerial Meeting are scheduled to conduct a virtual mangrove planting. Virtual mangrove planting will be done through the Data Collection System Information and Monitoring of the Protective Trees / Shade Trees (SIPPohon) application. The delegates will order through this application to plant their mangrove in Sungai Kupah Village, Sungai Kakap District, Kubu Raya Regency.Regional Secretary of West Kalimantan Province dr. Harisson said......